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New York allows online lockdown weddings






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New York has decided that people can still get married despite the city being under lockdown. The governor signed a special order letting people get married online. All weddings had been stopped because of the pandemic. Special measures are now in place to allow couples to tie the knot. People getting married under lockdown must now apply for a marriage license online. Clerks will conduct the ceremony virtually. The new online weddings are legally binding. A city official said: "The executive order will temporarily suspend a provision of law that requires in-person visits."

The new order means couples can marry via video conferencing. This was previously not legally recognised. The governor joked that: "There is now no excuse when the question comes up for marriage. You can do it by Zoom." The video conferencing website Zoom and similar platforms allow guests to attend online. Stay-at-home measures have been extended in New York. They will last until at least the 15th of May. Social distancing measures could be around for months. This means events like weddings may continue to be held online.

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