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   about      from      from      in      in      in      in      into      into      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      with  
A team paleontologists has uncovered what they believe was the most dangerous place the history of the Earth. It is not a crime-ridden, inner-city ghetto or a hellish war zone. It was an area the Sahara Desert Morocco that 100 million years ago was a scary place to be. The team fossil hunters said an area near the Morocco-Algeria border was home to a terrifying array ferocious predators - rather like the beasts Jurassic Park, but on steroids. The paleontologists have dubbed the area as being the "most dangerous place the history of planet Earth". Their claim is based the discovery an array of fossils found in ancient rock formations called the Kem Kem group deep in the Sahara.

Professor David Martill wrote the significance of the study. He said: "This is the most comprehensive piece work on fossil vertebrates the Sahara almost a century." He added: "This place was filled absolutely enormous fish...probably four or even five times larger than today's....There was an enormous freshwater saw shark...with the most fearsome teeth. They are like barbed daggers, but beautifully shiny." Dr Nizar Ibrahim, lead author the report the research, said it was a truly inhospitable habitat. He said it was, "a place where a human time-traveller would not last very long". He said the study provides "a window Africa's age dinosaurs".

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