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release ask prepare operate be say increase reduce say refrain
reopen lift remain be set follow state maintain dress shake
A group of amusement park operators in Japan has guidelines about visitors screaming in their parks. This is after Japan's government companies to for the "new normal" and for life with COVID-19. The guidelines instruct park owners on how to safely in our coronavirus world. One of the guidelines no screaming on rollercoasters or in haunted houses. Scientists have that using the voice to sing, scream or shout the amount of virus that an infected person can put into the air. Staying quiet or talking quietly the risk of spreading the virus. The park guidelines visitors should, " from vocalizing loudly" on all rides.

Japan's amusement parks are slowly as the coronavirus emergency was earlier this week. The country's biggest theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan (in Osaka), closed. They have closed since the beginning of March. They have not a date for reopening. When they do open, they will likely the guidelines. Other recommendations include mask wearing and social distancing. One piece of advice : "Ghosts lurking in haunted houses should a healthy distance from their 'victims'". In addition, all park staff, including those as mascots and superheroes, should not hands or high-five anyone.

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