Speed Reading — Ford Mustang Mach 1 - Level 3 — 300 wpm 

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The U.S. motor vehicle manufacturer Ford Motor Company is bringing back its legendary Mustang Mach 1 car. The classic, high-power sports car was first produced in 1964. It is one of the most famous and recognisable cars ever produced. It has starred in many movies, such as "Bullitt" in 1968 and "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift" in 2006. It has also played a central role in many American TV shows. The new Mach 1 has a V-8, 5.0-litre high-performance engine. Prices will start from $36,725. A Ford spokesman said: "Mach 1 has a special place in Mustang history. Like the original, the all-new Mustang Mach 1 will be true to its heritage. It will deliver great looks and [be the best racing] Mustang ever."

The Mustang was developed as a stylish, sporty, open-top convertible in 1964. Managers at Ford originally predicted it would sell 100,000 of the cars a year. However, the Mustang became the most successful vehicle launch since the Ford Model A in 1927. Ford sold over 400,000 Mustangs in 1965 and recorded sales of over one million a year later. The car's sporty looks made it very popular. This led to other car makers producing what people called "muscle cars". These included the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. A car analyst said: "The heritage of the Mach 1 invokes a sense of speed." Ford is hoping the new Mustang Mach 1 will stay in people's hearts and add to its long history.

Comprehension questions
  1. When was the Mustang Mach 1 first produced?
  2. When did the car star in the movie "Bullitt"?
  3. In what has the car played a central role?
  4. What size is the engine in terms of litres?
  5. Where does the Mustang Mach 1 have a special place?
  6. Who predicted Ford would sell 100,000 Mustang Mach 1s a year?
  7. How many of the cars did Ford sell in 1965?
  8. What made the car very popular?
  9. What did people call cars like the Mustang, Camaro and Firebird?
  10. Where does Ford hope the Mustang will stay?

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