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The words
Black Lives Matter protests have [spread / spared] around the world after the death two weeks ago of George Floyd, an unarmed and [handcuffs / handcuffed] black man. Protestors in many cities around the world [matched / marched] in the streets. They [held / hold] signs with the words, "Black Lives Matter" and other [signals / slogans] written on them. Many people wore T-shirts with the words "I can't [breathe / breath] ," "No justice, no peace," and "Silence [are / is] violence". In Ottawa, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined an anti-racism demonstration. He [took / gave] the knee alongside thousands of other people who silently got [down / up] on one knee. Similar protests have taken place in Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Poland, Norway and many other countries [on / in] support of equality.

Protestors told journalists why they [joint / joined] the Black Lives Matter marches. A [primarily / primary] school teacher in London said: "I have come down in support of black people who have been ill-treated for [much / many] , many, many, many, years. It is time for [change / chance] ." An IT specialist said: "We are all human beings. There should be [fair / fairness] for all of us." She added that Black Lives Matter doesn't [meaning / mean] anyone else's life doesn't. A 21-year-old Londoner [stressed / stress] the need for dialogue. He said: "There are a [lots / lot] of uncomfortable conversations that people have been avoiding...but, they're conversations that need to be [have / had] if...we want to finally create a kind of society where black bodies are treated [equally / equal] ."

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