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The UK economy has [surfed / suffered] its worst economic performance since a mini ice [era / age] over 300 years ago when the River Thames [frozen / froze] . The UK's Office for National Statistics reported that the economy was around 25 per cent smaller in April than it was in February. The Bank of England governor, Andrew Bailey, [acknowledged / knowledgeable] there was a 20.4 per cent drop in GDP in April [lonely / alone] . He called this "a dramatic and big number". He was [positively / positive] about the future and said there were "signs of the economy now beginning to come back to [living / life] ". Much of the UK economy shut down in a [bid / bud] to [curb / carb] the spread of the coronavirus. The UK has seen the biggest economic [collapse / relapse] among the world's developed economies.

The United Kingdom's economy has seen nearly 20 years' [worthy / worth] of growth wiped out because of the coronavirus lockdown [measurement / measures] . This week, people are [being / been] encouraged to go shopping again as many stores have reopened. Many shoppers remain [warty / wary] about venturing out to shops or [computing / commuting] , as the number of [day / daily] deaths is still around 200. Talking about the economic collapse, Mr Bailey said: "It's not surprising. The economy [clarity / clearly] closed out substantially at the end of March into April. The big question is what happens next." The UK's 'Guardian' newspaper was [pessimism / pessimistic] about a [recovery / recover] . It wrote: "Britain's economy has fallen off a [cliff / chair] . It will be a long climb back."

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