5-speed listening (Ducks - Level 2)

Three baby ducks hatch from supermarket eggs






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A woman was surprised after she bought duck eggs from a supermarket. Three of the eggs hatched. The woman has three baby ducks, or ducklings. Their names are Beep, Peep and Meep. Charli Lello, 29, bought the eggs last month. She was at home all day because she wasn't working in her job as an assistant manager in a shop. She decided to use her free time to do different things. Ms Lello told reporters she got the idea for incubating eggs after seeing a video on Facebook. The video showed how someone hatched eggs after buying them from a supermarket.

Lello said the ducklings would have a happy life. They will be friends for her pet chickens. She explained why she bought the eggs. She said: "I saw the duck eggs and thought maybe they would [hatch]. I was so excited for them to hatch, but I still [knew] that these are supermarket eggs." She was surprised when the eggs hatched because they had been bashed around on a truck and in a shopping trolley. She called it an "amazing" experience. She said the ducklings were, "the cutest little balls of fluff". A duck farm said it is unusual for supermarket eggs to hatch.

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