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The words
There is a [new / news] meaning for the word "air bridge". Before the coronavirus pandemic [stated / started] , an air bridge was the walkway that linked an airport departure [lounge / lunge] to an airplane's door. Now, it also means an [agree / agreement] that people can travel between two countries. Many people are also calling this a "travel [bubble / bobble] ". Australia and New Zealand have an air bridge as [both / bother] countries have successfully managed their [respects / responses] to the coronavirus. The United Kingdom has also [singed / signed] air bridge agreements with several other countries. The agreements mean there are [no / not] quarantine requirements for those travelling between the two countries. Travellers currently [needy / need] to quarantine for two weeks in the UK.

Travellers [arrival / arriving] in the UK must inform the government of their contact details, travel [retails / details] and the [redress / address] of where they will isolate for two weeks. Anyone who breaks the 14-day quarantine period will get a [fine / well] . However, the UK is trying to open [down / up] its economy and allow more people [to / for] enter the country without the 14-day quarantine. It wants [that / to] allow visitors from France, Greece, Portugal and Spain [for / to] enter the country. A British newspaper said these countries are "most advantageous" [to / at] the UK economy. The newspaper reported that the UK is also thinking [roughly / about] air bridges with Australia, Bermuda, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar and Montserrat.

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