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Meteorologists have [observed / reserved] another indication of global warming being in full swing. Temperatures in the Arctic Circle [impacted / hit] an [all-time / every-time] record on Saturday, [with / for] the mercury topping 38º Celsius in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk. The town currently holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest temperature [level / range] on Earth. It fluctuates from a [low / shallow] of minus 68ºC to a high of 37.3ºC. The record heat is 18 degrees higher than the [daily / days] average for June. The Arctic Circle has [been / being] experiencing a heatwave for much of this year. Temperatures have averaged 10 degrees [higher / above] normal. This is ringing alarm bells with climatologists, who say the Arctic Circle is warming [to / at] twice the rate of the global average.

Atmosphere scientist Professor Dann Mitchell expressed his [concert / concern] on rising temperatures. He told the BBC: "Year-on-year temperature records are being [broke / broken] around the world, but the Arctic is warming faster than [anywhere / somewhere] else on Earth, so it is [unsurprising / uninspiring] to see records being broken in this [legion / region] . We will see more of this in the [near / nearly] future." Professor Chris Rapley of University College London said: "This is a warning message from the Earth [oneself / itself] . We ignore it at our [peril / imperil] ." Scientists say higher temperatures in Siberia could accelerate global warming. Melting Siberian permafrost is releasing [ringing / alarming] levels of the greenhouse gasses carbon dioxide and methane [into / onto] the atmosphere.

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