Speed Reading — Ballet Dancer - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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An 11-year-old boy is famous after a video of him dancing in the rain in Nigeria went viral. Anthony Madu's skill and passion impressed people. An Oscar-winning actor saw the video and uploaded it. She tweeted: "We create, soar, can imagine, have unleashed passion, and love, despite the brutal obstacles that have been put in front of us." Another person said adults had to find the talent in children and support them and let them feel joy.

Anthony is at a dance academy in Lagos. The academy gives free lessons to underprivileged children. The academy's founder said: "We are changing the narrative about the stereotype of male dancers." Anthony said: "Where I live there are no male ballet dancers like me. When people see ballet they think it is only for girls, they don't know that it is not only for girls." He wants people to know that there are also male ballet dancers.

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