Speed Reading — Beetle Camera - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Scientists made a tiny camera that can be put on a beetle. It records where bugs go. It gives a bug's-eye view of the world. Researchers can see places never seen before. A researcher said: "Insects can [cross] rocky environments, which is really challenging for robots to do....So this system can also help us out by letting us see...hard-to-navigate spaces." He added: "It is the first time that we've had a first-person view from the back of a beetle."

The scientists say their camera is light enough for bugs to wear. It weighs just 250 grams. A researcher said: "We have created a low-power, low-weight, wireless camera system." He said a big challenge was making the battery. It had to be small and light, with enough power to last a few hours. The researchers said no beetles were hurt in their tests. They said all the beetles "lived for at least a year" after the experiments finished.

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