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The words
The United Nations has come [up / down] with a plan to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) said the world's [poverty / poorest] people should get a basic income. It said the [introduction / intro] of a "Temporary Basic Income" for the world's poorest people could [show / slow] the current surge in coronavirus cases. The money would [allow / disallow] around 2.7 billion people to stay at home. This would [reduce / deduce] the chances of them [spread / spreading] the virus. The UNDP [suggestion / suggested] giving the money to poor people in 132 developing countries. The cost of this would [have / be] around $199 billion per month. It said: "Unprecedented times call for unprecedented [socially / social] and economic measures."

The UNDP said the basic income would [meaning / mean] directing money to people instead [of / for] economies. It said: "[Bailouts / Ballots] and recovery plans cannot only [hocus pocus / focus] on big markets and big business. A Temporary Basic Income would allow governments to give people [at / in] lockdown a financial lifeline, [inject / injection] cash back into local economies to help keep small businesses afloat, and slow the devastating spread of COVID-19." It pointed [in / out] that the poor are the hardest hit by the pandemic. There are [hug / huge] numbers of people without social insurance and many workers without contracts. There are also [much / many] low-waged women and young people. It also said refugees, migrants, and people with disabilities need financial [help / helping] .

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