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   by      during      for      for      in      in      in      in      of      on      out      over      with      with      with      with  
A man has proposed to his fiancée an event that occurs just once every 6,800 years or so - give or take a decade or two. John Nicotera, 33, popped the question to his now affianced Erica Pendrak, 26, while the Neowise comet passed their heads. It will be another seven millennia before anyone else can get down one knee and propose while the celestial body flies overhead. Mr Nicotera is a space buff. He knew the rare astronomical event would take place the Northern Hemisphere a limited time and planned his proposal to coincide the comet being visible the night sky. The couple drove to a campsite outside New York last week and John waited the comet to appear.

Ms Pendrak immediately accepted Mr Nicotera's proposal. She told reporters that she knew her fiancé was taking her to see the once--a-lifetime event. She said she got the surprise her life when he dropped down to one knee. She said: "I was just completely shocked - tears and everything. I felt instant chills and pure happiness." A photographer friend went to the campsite the couple to capture the proposal the comet whizzing across the heavens. John and Erica are both teachers who like experiencing historical events together. John said: "Every single star was . It was too special to let it go. I thought, 'I'm massively love this girl. I'm going to do it.'"

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