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The annual Hajj pilgrimage is taking place in the sacred city of Mecca. It is the most important event in the Muslim calendar. It is a mandatory religious duty for adult Muslims, who should attend once in their lifetime. They must be physically and financially capable of going on the journey and must be able to support their family. This year's Hajj has been scaled down because of coronavirus. The pandemic has postponed numerous events.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj is limiting the number of pilgrims allowed into Mecca this year. It wants to avoid any outbreaks and lower the risk of infection. Many countries have cancelled their pilgrimages. This means Mecca will get a tiny fraction of the two million Hajj pilgrims it usually gets. Just a few thousand Saudi Arabian citizens can attend. A twenty-two-time pilgrim said: "There are plenty of other ways to take advantage of this precious spiritual time."

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Hajj - Level 5  |  Hajj - Level 6

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