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French President Emmanuel Macron [hoisted / hosted] a summit on Sunday to [encouragement / encourage] other world leaders to help Beirut. The virtual conference was held [on / in] response to the [catastrophic / catastrophe] explosion that [devastated / devastation] Lebanon's capital city last week. President Macron said the Lebanese people needed aid [immediacy / immediately] and directly. He said: "We [must / need] act quickly and efficiently so that this aid goes directly [to / for] where it is needed. Lebanon's future is at stake." The conference was co-hosted by the UN and [served / secured] pledges of assistance from dozens of countries, including Lebanon's neighbours, countries from Europe and Asia, and the USA. The international donors have [such / so] far pledged $300 million to help Beirut.

The European Commission promised over $68 million to help Beirut. An EC spokesperson said: "As needs [rising / rise] , we are providing humanitarian support to hundreds of [thousand / thousands] of the most [vulnerable / vulnerability] people." The [funding / founding] will go directly to charities and UN agencies. The Arab state of Qatar pledged the biggest donation from a [single / singular] country. It is donating $50 million, while Kuwait offered $40 million. There was also [spirit / spiritual] assistance for the people of Lebanon. The [head / boss] of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, made a [please / plea] saying: "We must all work for the good of this [beloved / love] country." He added: "I also renew my appeal for [generous / generosity] help from the international community."

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