Speed Reading — Exam Results - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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The U.K. has made a U-turn over its exam grades for students hoping to get into university. The government used a controversial algorithm to determine grades after COVID-19 cancelled exams. The algorithm failed. It gave students lower grades than those predicted by teachers. Many of them did not get into university as a result. Most affected students live in poorer areas. Grades for many richer students were higher than predicted.

The algorithm is now a scandal. Students are angry. They said the government was grossly incompetent for ruining their dreams and future. One person said the algorithm was for the elite. After a major government U-turn, grades will now be based on teachers' predictions. The UK Education Secretary apologised for the "distress" young people feel. He said the U-turn, "will now provide the certainty and reassurance [students] deserve."

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