Speed Reading — Public Toilets - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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There are new public toilets in Japan. They have transparent walls. When someone locks the door, people can no longer see in. The project is called "The Tokyo Toilet". Designers will make new toilets that are nicer and easier to use. People must feel comfortable using public toilets. They must also think about the next user. Sixteen world-famous designers joined the project. Their toilets will be in 17 parks and public spaces in Japan's capital city Tokyo.

The designers want to change the negative image of public toilets. Many people think they are "dark, dirty, stinky and scary" places. People want toilets that are clean and safe. The first toilets opened in a Tokyo park this week. They became a tourist attraction. Many people took photos of them. People can see the toilets and sinks from the outside. When the door is locked, the special glass walls suddenly become dark, so no one on the outside can see inside.

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