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Switzerland is [renewed / renowned] the world over for the quality of its chocolate. The nation has [earned / earnings] an international reputation for its premium chocolate [bland / brands] . However, residents in the Swiss town of Olten, near Zurich, got the surprise [of / by] their lives earlier this week when it started snowing chocolate. Some locals [wondered / wandered] if the brown dusting was a bizarre consequence of climate change. However, [every / all] became clear after the local chocolate manufacturer revealed the brown shower was the result [on / of] a malfunction at its factory. The chocolate maker Lindt confirmed that a minor defect [in / as] its cooling ventilation systems allowed gusty winds to whip [down / up] chocolate dust and [sprinkle / twinkle] it over the town.

Many parts of the town were [covering / covered] in a fine layer of light brown, milk-chocolate-flavoured [lust / dust] . A representative from Lindt offered to pay for any cleaning services required [was / as] a result of the event. To [day / date] , no one has asked for help. The spokeswoman reassured people [on / in] the vicinity of the factory that crushed cocoa beans are [harmless / harmful] to human health and the environment. She added that factory engineers are currently working on repairing the technical [pitch / hitch] . The cocoa-dust incident led to a lot of [banter / canter] on social media. A Twitter user wrote: "Chocolate snowflakes falling from the sky, dreams do come [truth / true] ." Another tweeter posted a comment saying: "I'm [dreaming / deeming] of a brown Christmas."

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