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Technology trailblazer Elon Musk has [unveiled / veiled] a pig with a computer chip implanted in her brain that could [pavement / pave] the way to computer-to-brain interfaces [on / in] humans. Mr Musk has a near-unrivalled record in [pioneering / pioneer] technology, from electric cars and hyperloop travel to space tourism. Gertrude the pig [bookcases / showcases] his latest ambition - to allow us to control computers [with / wither] our brains. Conversely, computers could [enhance / entrance] our brainpower and abilities. The interface is part of a tech startup called Neuralink. Mr Musk announced that [trails / trials] would soon begin on humans. He believes the technology represents a giant [leap / peal] into the future and will considerably change our lives [by / as] giving us superhuman powers.

The results shown in Gertrude the pig were [something / somewhat] modest in comparison to the potential Mr Musk [visages / envisages] the technology will one day [deliver / post] . He hopes Neuralink will help people with neurological conditions like [stokes / strokes] , dementia and headaches. It could also mean our brain is wired directly to the Internet. Just [same / like] in a science fiction movie, we could control phones, computers and household [devices / revises] simply with the power of thought. The most mind-blowing aspect [on / of] the technology is what Musk calls "superhuman cognition". This is to [counter / dial] artificial intelligence becoming powerful enough to [destroy / destruction] the human race. He added the technology will "[clinch / achieve] symbiosis with artificial intelligence".

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