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The words
Pope Francis has said gossiping is [worse / worst] than COVID-19. He said gossip is a danger that [divides / multiplies] communities. He added that the devil is the "biggest gossiper" who is seeking to [creation / create] division with his lies. The Pope spoke about the dangers [of / at] gossiping during his weekly blessing at the Vatican. He said: "Please brothers and sisters, let's try to [no / not] gossip. Gossip is a plague worse than COVID. Worse. Let's make a big [effort / efforts] . No gossiping." The Pope has regularly spoken about the dangers of gossiping, especially [at / on] social media. He advises people not to listen to Internet [tolls / trolls] , saying: "If something goes wrong, offer [noise / silence] and prayer for the brother or sister who [do / make] a mistake, but never gossip."

The Pope was [making / faking] his first public audience since the pandemic started. His latest [speak / speech] on gossip is not the first time he has made strong remarks [in / on] the topic. In 2016, he warned people not to "[fuel / full] the terrorism of gossip". He urged people to resist the temptation to spread gossip. He said: "If you [get / do] an urge to say something against a brother or a sister, to drop a gossip bomb, [bite / crunch] your tongue. Hard." Two years later he brought the subject [by / up] again. He told worshippers in St Peter's Square that gossip is lethal "[however / because] the tongue kills, like a knife". A visitor to the Vatican [agreement / agreed] . She said: "Gossips are nothing [so / but] scandalmongers and busybodies."

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