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The CEO of [one / only] of the world's largest mining companies, Rio Tinto, has resigned following the destruction of two [scared / sacred] Aboriginal sites. However, it will not be a [speedy / speed] exit. The CEO has until March to empty his desk and [face / head] for the door. He handed [up / in] his notice after the [furor / furry] created by the demolition of 46,000-year-old caves in the Juukan Gorge in Western Australia. The company was mining [for / to] high-grade iron ore. The CEO acknowledged there was no [debt / doubt] the company could have made "better decisions". The ancient caves are sacred to Australia's indigenous Aboriginal communities. There is [evidence / evidential] to show they were used as dwellings as far back as the Old Stone Age, when humans were developing [stoned / stone] tools.

The [blasted / blasts] at the caves led to international condemnation and adversely affected Rio Tinto's reputation [worldly / worldwide] . The blasting took place against the [wishes / covets] of the traditional owners of the site, the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura people. They accused the mining [gigantic / giant] of a blatant disregard of their culture and traditions, purely in a quest [of / for] greater profits. They said: "We cannot and will not allow this type of devastation to occur ever [against / again] ." The Rio Tinto chair [offered / tendered] an apology. He said: "What happened at Juukan was wrong and we are determined [as / to] ensure that the destruction of a heritage site [of / at] such exceptional archaeological and cultural significance never occurs again at a Rio Tinto [surgery / operation] ."

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