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The words
A businessman who sells bottled water is [known / now] the richest man in China. The business magazine Bloomberg named Mr Zhong Shanshan as China's richest man in its [latest / late] Billionaires Index. The magazine said Mr Zhong is [worthy / worth] over $58 billion. This makes him $2 billion richer than the [period / previous] number one, Jack Ma. Mr Ma founded the [tail / retail] Internet giant Alibaba. Mr Zhong made his [wealth / wealthy] from his Nongfu Spring bottled water company. He then [twigged / branched] out into making vaccines. He is the chairman [of / off] a vaccine manufacturer called the Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy. Mr Zhong is now 17th on the [global / globe] rich list. It seems that he will move up that list [on / in] the future.

Zhong Shanshan, 66, was a [construct / construction] worker before he got into business. He [started / starred] his Nongfu Spring company in 1996. This was [just / justice] as China's market for bottled water was [emerge / emerging] . Bottled water is now a [huge / hugging] industry in China. Most people who live in China prefer drinking bottled water to tap water for health [reason / reasons] . They prefer not to trust tap water. Zhong's pharmaceutical company is also helping in the fight [against / again] COVID-19. It is developing a nasal-spray vaccine with the help [to / of] researchers from a top university. Chinese media call Mr Zhong a "[bone / lone] wolf" because he is rarely seen in public. He rarely gives interviews and he likes to keep himself to [himself / him] .

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