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The words
Heavy fighting has broken [up / out] between Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is a danger the fighting could lead to a [biggest / bigger] conflict between the two countries. Their trouble is over a region that is on their border called Nagorno-Karabakh. This is a [deputy / disputed] territory. It is internationally recognized as being [part / partner] of Azerbaijan but it has a majority Armenian ethnic [population / populated] . It has governed [itself / themselves] for the past few decades. The recent clashes resulted [on / in] the deaths of both civilians and soldiers. Armenia blamed Azerbaijan for [starting / started] the recent conflict. It said Azerbaijan launched missiles into the [regional / region] . Azerbaijan's defence ministry said it launched missiles to "ensure the [safe / safety] of the population" in the region.

There have been [tensions / tension] between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the end [off / of] the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 1994. There have been many flashpoints between [them / the] two countries. The [current / currency] clashes have seen the worst fighting in many years. An Al Jazeera journalist who is an expert on Nagorno-Karabakh [description / described] the situation as, "a very [serious / seriously] escalation". Neighboring countries are [non / now] getting involved. Turkey's President said his country would support Azerbaijan. Russia has [giving / given] its backing to Armenia, but called for an immediate ceasefire and [urgent / urgency] negotiations. Iran, which shares a border with both Azerbaijan and Armenia, has offered to arrange [piece / peace] talks.

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