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The words
Islands in the Caribbean Sea are [famous / famously] for luxury holidays, not for being places of [works / work] . However the two-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is [hopping / hoping] people will come and live and work there for two years. Its government is offering a two-year work visa for "digital nomads". [Them / These] are people who can work anywhere [in / on] the world via their laptop computer. The nation's [newly / new] "Nomad Digital Residence Programme" is now [available / availability] for anyone who wants to work in paradise. To [be / do] eligible for the visa (and the sun-drenched beaches), workers must have an [income / outcome] of at least $50,000 per year. They must also show they can [see / look] after any family members on the programme for two years.

Antigua and Barbuda joins a [list / last] of other nations offering remote workers the chance [for / to] experience a different way of [live / life] . Countries like Georgia, Barbados, Estonia and Bermuda have all set [down / up] similar programmes in the [post / past] year. Antigua and Barbuda's Prime Minister said his country [boasted / basted] many attractions for workers. He said it has high-speed Internet and [a / around] world-class telecommunications system. He said: "This means that you can work in [many / any] part of the world from Antigua as if you [were / be] in your office or home." He also said his country has quality accommodation, fantastic restaurants, 365 beaches, historic sites, beautiful scenery, gyms, water sports, fishing and [deep / deeply] sea diving.

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