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The words
An animal that has not [lived / living] on the Australian mainland in over 3,000 years is [backed / back] . The creature is the Tasmanian devil. Conservation groups in the state of New South Wales on Australia's east coast [release / released] a group of 26 of the [mammal / mammals] . They put them in a large nature [deserve / reserve] north of the city of Sydney. The Tasmanian devil is the [sizable / size] of a small dog. It feeds [on / in] large birds and household waste. It has been an [endangered / dangerous] species for decades after dingoes (an Australian wild dog) wiped them out on mainland Australia. The devil gets its [name / naming] from its high-pitched squeal and the fierce way it fights for food. Despite its scary-sounding name, experts say it is not a danger to [humans / humane] .

The conservation group Aussie Ark worked [to / with] other animal protection groups on the [project / protect] to release the Tasmanian devils. The animals are on a nature reserve to help [keeping / keep] their chances of survival [high / highly] . They have been left to find their [owner / own] food and survive by themselves. Tim Faulkner, president of Aussie Ark, told National Geographic: "They are [freedom / free] . They're out there. We've got some basic [mean / means] of keeping an [eye / ear] on them, but essentially, now it's over to the devils to do what they do." He was hopeful about the future of the devils, saying: "This [release / law] of devils will be the first of many. We are talking about something monumental, a true landmark [in / on] history."

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