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The words
A travel guidebook company has released its list of the best places [in / on] Earth to visit. It is the Lonely Planet's "Ultimate Travel List". It ranks 500 of the must-see places to [plus / add] to your bucket list. It is only the second time [this / these] list of unmissable travel experiences has been issued. The guidebook company said its guide is, "designed to be a [company / companion] to your armchair travels or the [stool / tool] to refuel your wanderlust". It added that the book, "[features / futures] more than 200 new destinations in a picture-perfect wish-list, [each / every] ranked in order of brilliance." Lonely Planet said: "The list [contents / contains] a mix of knock-out new openings, sights that have [upped / cupped] their game, or places more relevant to the way we travel [now / know] ."

Top of the list and the number-one travel [destiny / destination] is the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. The guide said: "The [treasury / treasured] UNESCO Heritage Site of Petra is the must-see [ultimate / ultimately] experience on our list. Once nearly [lost / lose] to the outside world, the sandstone city is now one of the most [lover / loved] places on the planet." It recommended readers, "rediscover the city's eternal [air / oxygen] of mystery in the early morning or in the hours before [closet / closing] when it's at its most atmospheric". The Galapagos Islands off the [coast / coats] of Ecuador was second on the list, with the spectacular sandstone monolith Uluru in Australia [been / being] third. Lonely Planet says the book has something for everyone in every corner [off / of] the world.

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