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Thousands of protesters have [taken / given] to the streets in Thailand's capital Bangkok, despite the government [declared / declaring] a state of emergency. Police arrested [dozens / dozen] of the pro-democracy demonstrators. They have been [protested / protesting] in cities across Thailand and online for over three months. Many of the [protestations / protestors] are students, but they are being joined by a wider [plus- / cross-] section of society. They are calling for a new [constitution / constituting] to ensure a true constitutional monarch [over / under] a democratic system. They are also demanding the [dissolve / dissolution] of parliament, the resignation of Thailand's Prime Minister, and an end to "the intimidation of government [critics / criticize] ".

The government said the protests have, "[affected / infected] the government's stability, safety, property and [stuff / staff] ". It said the protests were, "no longer a peaceful [disassembly / assembly] ," and were a [threat / treat] to national security. The government announced a ban on gatherings of more than five people and prohibited the publication of online [message / messages] that could "harm national security". Police arrested 22 people on Friday for [publicity / public] disorder offences. There were three [prominence / prominent] activists among those arrested. Footage [shown / showing] a woman being picked up by police and put into a police car went [vital / viral] on social media. Police also photographed the crowds and warned demonstrators they could be prosecuted for violating the emergency [degree / decree] .

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