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Nintendo Switch game console shatters sales forecasts






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The gaming company Nintendo predicted the year ending March 2021 will be a bumper one for its Switch games console. Executives said sales will be 26 per cent higher than initial forecasts, and that it will ship 24 million consoles by the end of the financial year. They said the rise in demand for the console is attributable to a pandemic-driven boom in gaming. Millions of people stayed indoors because of COVID-19 and invested in a new games console. The result provided Nintendo with an extra reason for optimism - its operating profit forecast is up by 50 per cent to $4.3 billion.

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled in 2016 and released worldwide in 2017. It is a hybrid console that is used as a home console or a standalone device. It has controllers with motion sensing and tactile feedback. These attach to both sides of the console to support handheld-style play, like the Nintendo Wii. Gamers can play online as well as with other consoles on a local wireless network. Developers have created over 320 games for the console, many from third-party companies. Sales have been led by Nintendo-created games such as The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing.

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