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The words
Fifteen Asian and Pacific countries have [singed / signed] the world's biggest free trade deal. It is [called / calling] the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). The countries [inclusion / include] 10 Southeast Asian economies [longing / along] with China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. These countries account for around 30 per cent of the [globally / global] economy. The idea [from / for] the RCEP started in 2012. The governments have been talking to [each / one] other since then. China was key in [pushing / heaving] the deal forward to help economies during the coronavirus pandemic. An economics [expert / expertly] said: "COVID-19 has reminded the region of why trade matters and governments are more [ogre / eager] than ever to have positive economic growth."

Leaders of the 15 governments [believe / belief] the free trade deal will help their countries and the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese Premier said: "The [fact / opinion] the RCEP has been signed [before / after] eight years of negotiations brings a [way / ray] of light and hope amid the clouds." He added: "It clearly shows that multilateralism is the [right / light] way, and represents the right direction [to / of] the global economy and humanity's progress." South Korea said: "We believe [that / what] the RCEP, being the world's largest free trade arrangement, represents an [importance / important] step forward toward an ideal framework of global trade and investment." It said the deal included, "a [reverse / diverse] mix of developed, developing and [least / lost] developed economies."

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