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There are [plentiful / plenty] of road signs around the world that amuse and bemuse motorists. The latest to [rise / raise] smiles and possibly a sense of [bewilderment / bewilder] are in Canada. Transport authorities in the town of Jasper, Alberta have erected [electric / electronic] signs to warn drivers not to let moose lick their cars. Moose are the largest and heaviest members of the [deer / dear] family and are native to Canada. They are a frequent [site / sight] on Canadian roads, but an addiction to salt has led them to [sate / state] their need by licking cars. Vehicles are [splashed / stashed] with road salt that has been sprinkled on the road to help melt snow. It is commonly / common] to see moose licking salt on the roads, but they have now developed a [prefer / preference] for licking it off cars.

A Jasper National Park spokesperson explained [what / why] the salt licking was a problem. He warned that the moose's [addict / addiction] is becoming an increasing problem and could be [fatal / fatally] . He said: "This behaviour started as an occasional [issue / reissue] a few years ago and now is too common. People are getting far too [closely / close] , and it's perpetuated by the moose's obsession with salt." A tour operator said: "I hate to say it, but this road salt is [kindly / kind] of like a drug for the moose." The salt habit [poses / posers] additional dangers for the moose. Cars are [various / invariably] covered with a whole host of harmful chemicals. In addition, moose are [vulnerable / weak] to pneumonia. Licking car surfaces could increase the risk of spreading [disease / diseased] .

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