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Archaeologists working in the city of Nazareth have [earthed / unearthed] what they believe to be the childhood [home / homed] of Jesus Christ. Following an [ardours / arduous] , 14-year excavation of the site at the Sisters of Nazareth Convent, researchers say they [belief / believe] the first-century home is where Jesus grew up [was / as] a child. Lead researcher Professor Ken Dark [embarked / earmarked] on 14 years of research and fieldwork at the [function / ancient] site. He says his studies of the well-preserved [adobe / abode] on a limestone hillside revealed "excellent craftsmanship" and a "[structural / granite] understanding of rock". He says this is, "consistent with it having been constructed by a tekton" - the [occupation / occupied] of Jesus' father, Joseph.

Professor Dark says the [dwelling / dwindling] was originally found in the 1880s and was first [evacuated / excavated] in the 1930s. For decades, experts and nuns living in the convent have [dissected / asserted] that the site was Jesus’ boyhood home. Dark started on his [dug / dig] in 2006 to investigate these assertions. He said the site had been "almost forgotten by [pupils / scholars] ". He used cutting [edge / rim] archaeological techniques to uncover more [secretions / secrets] of the house. Dark discovered that people believed that the building was Jesus’ house from at least [the / all] 380s. However, he says his claims are not [reactive / conclusive] and acknowledges that we may never know for sure whether or not Jesus Christ lived at that [locale / location] .

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