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The words
Thousands of football fans [paid / spent] their final respects to football legend Diego Maradona on Thursday. Huge crowds [aligned / lined] the streets of the capital Buenos Aires to catch a [glimpse / glance] of the car carrying his body. The car was [drooped / draped] in the Argentina flag and a football shirt [bearing / pandering] his trademark number 10. Thousands more [silence / silently] walked past his coffin as it was put [on / in] public display at the presidential palace. They were weeping, [blowing / puffing] kisses to their hero and praying. Maradona passed [away / out] on Wednesday, aged 60. He died of a heart attack. Argentina's government declared three days of national mourning for him. One fan said: "Maradona represents Argentinianess. He transcended football. He has my [inspect / respect] . I had to be here."

Diego Armando Maradona is [widened / widely] regarded as one of the greatest players ever to [step / stage] onto a football [patch / pitch] . Many consider him to be the best. He captained his national team when Argentina won the 1986 World Cup. He [scored / scared] the famous "Hand of God" goal against England in the quarter-finals. In that same game, he scored another goal that was [voted / vetoed] as the greatest goal of the twentieth century. Maradona played for Barcelona in Spain and Napoli in Italy. [Currency / Current] Barcelona captain Lionel Messi said: "Maradona [is / will] never leave us [because / however] Diego is eternal." Brazilian legend Pele, a constant rival [at / to] Maradona for the world's greatest ever player accolade, said he hoped to one day, "play together in [a / the] sky" with Maradona.

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