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The words
The British Museum in the U.K. has [repeated / reported] record levels of historical discoveries this year. People have [fund / found] more than 47,000 objects with metal [detectors / detects] . Metal detecting is a big hobby in the U.K. Many people go out [in / at] the countryside to try and find old coins and other treasure. This year, more people have [being / been] metal detecting. This is because of the coronavirus. Metal detecting is a [well / good] hobby that means social distancing is very [easily / easy] . People have been recording their finds on an app [on / in] the British Museum's website. The U.K. Culture Minister said: "It is brilliant to see the app [growth / growing] from strength to strength during lockdown [thanks / pleases] to garden discoveries and digital reporting."

The British Museum said people have [dug / dig] up many exciting and interesting things this year. Perhaps the best find [among / between] the new discoveries are two [hoards / boards] of coins. One of the hoards contained 50 South African [sold / solid] gold coins found 50 miles northwest of London. The other coin hoard [contents / contained] gold coins and one silver coin featuring the British kings Edward IV and Henry VIII. [Experts / Expats] believe they were buried in the 16th [century / country] . Another find was an ancient Roman furniture fitting [make / made] of copper. It featured the face of the god Oceanus and dates [to / of] AD 43-200. The British Museum said the app, "ensure finds, important for understanding Britain's past, are not lost but [instead / prefer] recorded".

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