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The words
Forty countries have blocked air, sea and land travel to and [fro / from] the United Kingdom. Many European countries, Canada, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, and Colombia are [between / among] the countries. The [reasons / reason] is because of a new strain of COVID-19 that is [spreading / spreadable] around the UK. The new coronavirus is a mutant - this [meaning / means] it has changed from the original virus [that / what] started spreading at the beginning of the year. Some nations have blocked transport [link / links] to the UK for a few days; others for at [least / last] two weeks. Many countries say they are [reviewing / reviewed] the situation. The biggest problems are being caused by a travel ban from France. A lot of the UK's food [goes / comes] across the English Channel from France.

The UK government says the [mutant / militant] virus is 70 per cent more infectious than the [original / originally] coronavirus. It said the mutant strain is so fast-spreading that it is "[out / in] of control". London and many other parts of the country are now [on / in] lockdown. The government has issued new rules about mixing with other people. This means [much / most] people will only be able to [purchase / spend] Christmas with the people they live with. They cannot travel to see any other family [members / membranes] or friends. An opposition leader said: "The news over the last 24 hours has been [deeply / deep] disturbing. The number of coronavirus cases has nearly [twice / doubled] in the last week." The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured people that there would [be / do] enough food.

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