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The words
For billions of people [around / abound] the world, January the 1st, 2020 seemed like a great day. It was the start of a year that sounded like science [friction / fiction] - 2020. Many people had great hopes for the year [behind / ahead] . Few knew what a rollercoaster ride 2020 would be and how the world would [change / charge] . The year has been dominated [at / by] the COVID-19 pandemic. This has brought hundreds [of / for] thousands of deaths, economic chaos, lockdowns and [asked / masked] populations. Another huge event was the [death / dead] of George Floyd at the hands of U.S. police in July. This sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and [global / globally] protests. The year ended with Joe Biden being voted [at / in] as the President-elect of the USA.

Different people will have different [memorise / memories] of 2020. Our reporters asked people around the world to tell [them / us] what they will remember 2020 [of / for] . Ahmed Hussein from Lebanon said he would never [forget / forgetting] the massive explosion at a Beirut [part / port] in August that killed at least 190 people. He said he thanked God none of his family or friends were [hurts / hurt] , but was sad at the destruction of his city. Lucy Baxter, a nurse in the UK, said her happiest [moment / monument] came with the news of the vaccines for COVID-19. She said she could see [right / light] at the end of a long and dark tunnel. Ayumi Miyamoto of Japan was saddened [by / of] the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics but is happy they will go [ahead / head] in 2021. She said 2021 would be a good year.

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