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The year 2020 has been a [presumptuous / tumultuous] one for educators. Hundreds of thousands of teachers across the globe had to get to [clips / grips] with online [platforms / platform] to deliver their lessons. Millions of students were [struck / stuck] at home doing their lessons via websites like Zoom. This has created an unprecedented transformation in education [was / as] technology has taken centre stage. The quality of education [differed / referred] around the world according [to / of] the quality of Internet connections, the level of preparedness of teachers and their competence [on / in] engaging with the technology. It also depended [in / on] what kind of devices students had at home. Many students were [depraved / deprived] of lessons because they had no computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Education Ministry in Malaysia has [tumbled / rolled] out a new initiative to help underprivileged children. Around 150,000 [eligible / iris] pupils from 500 schools will receive a device to [cable / enable] them to participate in online lessons. The Education Minister hopes to [version / build] on the success of this initial [rollout / roulette] to expand the programme. He said: "Apart from assisting pupils and schools in need, this pilot [protect / project] is to find the best implementation method before it is proposed for [contraction / expansion] ." The plans include enhancing educational television programming for students with [not / no] Internet access, and employing sign language interpreters to help the [heard / hard] of hearing. A teacher said she was happy her government was prioritizing students' [needs / needy] .

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