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The words
A British man who [broke / broken] lockdown rules to be with his girlfriend has spoken to newspapers. Dale McLaughlan, 28, really wanted to [view / see] his new love Jessica Radcliffe. However, he was [in / on] lockdown in Scotland and she was 43 kilometres [afar / away] on the Isle of Man - a small island in the Irish Sea. Dale was love-struck and decided he had to [see / seen] his love. He bought a jet ski for $10,800 and rode it across the sea. He didn't [realize / vision] how dangerous the journey would be. The sea was very [roughly / rough] and a huge wave washed away his GPS. He thought it would [have / take] 45 minutes to get to the Isle of Man but it took over four hours. For [most / mostly] of that time, he thought he was lost and had no idea where he [is / was] .

Dale was [arresting / arrested] by police and was sentenced to four weeks in prison for breaking lockdown [rulers / rules] . He said his adventure was [worthy / worth] it. He risked his life to see Jessica. It was the first time he had ever [used / useful] a jet ski. He described his experience. He said: "The first time I stood [in / on] a jet ski was in that harbour. As soon as I hit open water, I thought, 'Oh my God'. It was [terribly / terrible] . It wasn't fun. I followed the GPS, but after half an hour a [massive / missive] wave wiped it away. I didn't have a clue where I was [gone / going] . I thought I was lost at sea. I was so scared." He added: "I [broke / breaking] the law, but I did it for love. I should never have done it. It could be called a [crime / criminal] of passion." Jessica says she loves Dale and wants to marry him.

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