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When the going gets tough, the [tough / toughen] get going. Record levels of snowfall made the going tough for hundreds of [motors / motorists] in Japan earlier this week. Blizzards, snowdrifts and frozen roads [left / right] 200 cars stranded on a highway in Fukui Prefecture, along the Sea of Japan. This [spurred / sparred] the manager of a [branch / brunch] of a local Chinese restaurant, Gyoza Ohsho, to get [gone / going] . Keiichi Iwatani, 39, decided to feed those faced with [spending / using] the night in sub-zero temperatures. He delivered hundreds of gyoza dumplings, fried rice and crab omelettes to weary, [anxiety / anxious] and snowbound drivers. Seven employees helped him to deliver the [provision / provisions] on foot throughout the night to 300 hungry and [relief / relieved] people.

Mr Iwatani talked about his [relief / relieve] efforts to the Mainichi newspaper. He said he saw the snow accumulating and knew there would [do / be] problems. He said similar [adverts / adverse] weather hit in 2018 and the snow stopped him from getting [at / to] work. He said: "I regretted not being able to help out three years ago. I'm happy that many people [appreciative / appreciated] our efforts last night." He added: "I wanted to keep drivers warm, even for just a [bite / bit] ." Many drivers were [appreciative / appreciated] of his efforts. Yuki Yamashita, 23, [afraid / feared] the worst when she got stuck in the snow. She said when Ishitani appeared, he restored her faith [in / on] humanity. A fellow driver shared some Habutae mochi - a traditional Fukui rice [confection / confetti] - with her to reinforce that faith.

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