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Wristband lets others know your mood



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A new wearable device can let other people know your mood. The device is a wristband. It is called a Moodbeam and is made by a UK company with the same name. The wristband was designed by the company and a healthcare provider. The company wanted to make a self-reporting device to help doctors and medical staff. The healthcare provider wanted its workers to be able to monitor their mood. Wearers of the device can check their mood by logging in to their Moodbeam account. Information on their mood will be stored in the cloud. Employers and managers can also see the data stored in the cloud on a dashboard. This can let them know how workers and teams are feeling and coping at work.

The original idea for the Moodbeam wristband came from a worried mother. She wanted to know how her daughter was feeling when she wasn't with her. The company website says: "Moodbeam is built on the unfortunate truth that whilst how we feel is so important to our wellbeing, it's hard to capture, tough to talk about and often invisible....Moodbeam was created with the ambition to transform the way the world sees mood, by making it easier to understand and talk about how we feel." It added the device: "Allows for better understanding of how we feel, creates more meaningful conversations with those we care about and helps us lead happier lives."

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