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The words
A band has played what is being [calling / called] the 'World's First Space Bubble Concert'. The psychedelic-rock group the Flaming Lips played to an audience who were [all / every] in giant, inflatable plastic bubbles. The bubbles are called Zorb balls. The band played two concerts in [them / their] native city of Oklahoma. All band members were [also / addition] inside their own Zorb bubble. There were 100 bubbles [to / at] the shows. Some of the bubbles [contained / contents] three people. The bubbles may be [once / one] way for concerts to go ahead during [the / a] pandemic. Each bubble has a special speaker, a [watery / water] bottle, a battery-operated fan, a towel and an "I gotta go pee/hot in here" sign. Workers refill the bubble with cool air if it gets [too / to] hot.

The [idea / ideal] for the bubble concerts came from the band's [leader / lead] singer Wayne Coyne. He often uses a Zorb ball to roll [under / over] the crowd during his concerts. He decided that concerts would [have / be] COVID-safe if everyone was in a Zorb. He said attending a space bubble concert is "safer than going to the grocery store". He told the Rolling Stone magazine: "It's a very restricted, [wired / weird] event, but the weirdness is so we can [enjoy / enjoyment] a concert before putting our families and everybody at [risky / risk] ." He added: "You see people excited, people being [happily / happy] , and people really having fun....I think it's a [bit / byte] of a 'new normal'. You might go to a show, you might not, but I think we're going to be able to work it [up / out] ."

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