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Will they or won't they? There has been [many / much] speculation recently about whether or [not / nor] the Tokyo Olympics would take place in July. On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach [vowed / wowed] that the event would [come / go] ahead. He said: "Our task is [for / to] organize the Olympic Games and not to cancel them." He added that the IOC is working "day and night" to host a [safe / safety] event. IOC spokesperson Dick Pound said he was "confident" the Games would go ahead, [saying / said] : "I think unless some [caustic / drastic] changes occur, this is a manageable proposition and I hope that we're able to pull it [off / on] ." He added: "There are no certainties in life and what might happen with the [virus / viral] ."

The Games are [due / duet] to open on the 23rd of July. It is a logistical nightmare for [authority / authorities] , who have to secure the safety of 11,000 [athleticism / athletes] , the world's media and spectators. More than 25,000 journalists [attended / intended] the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016. Tokyo is currently [over / under] a state of emergency amid a third wave of infections. Officials are hopeful warmer weather and a vaccine [rolling / rollout] will see safer conditions. Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is [adamant / remnant] that the Games will take place. However, an anti-Olympics group in Tokyo said: "The government is obsessed [to / with] hosting the Olympics. It's becoming clear [during / between] this coronavirus disaster that the Olympics would [sacrifice / sacrificial] people's lives."

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