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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has [announcing / announced] it will grant citizenship to foreign residents who "add [valuation / value] " to the nation. It is very rare for a Gulf state to [bestow / below] citizenship on foreign nationals and represents a [boulder / bold] revision of the UAE's immigration [policy / policing] . UAE Vice-President and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum explained that people [at / with] "specialised talents" who "contribute to our development journey" could [fall / drop] under the new policy. He said artists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, [intellects / intellectuals] , inventors, investors and scientists could be [legible / eligible] to be given a UAE passport. All successful people and their families would be permitted to hold [duel / dual] nationality.

The procedure to be given citizenship is dependent [in / on] recommendations and nominations from [members / memes] of the UAE royal family and high-ranking government officials. It will then be the decision of the UAE [locker / cabinet] to approve or reject the nomination. Sheikh Mohammed said there are "clear [criteria / criterion] " in the selection process. Doctors must be specialised in scientific [pitches / fields] that are deemed high-priority by the UAE. They must have conducted [significantly / significant] studies and research. Scientists must [be / do] active researchers and have made contributions to their field [at / by] attaining an international award or research grant. Inventors need [parented / patented] inventions registered by an internationally [recognised / nostalgic] organisation.

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