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The words
The United Kingdom is being [critics / criticized] for cutting the amount of aid it gives to Yemen. The UK's foreign office said it would cut the amount of [humanitarian / humanity] aid to Yemen by more than 50 per cent. However, just three weeks ago, foreign office minister James Cleverly said Yemen would [remain / remaining] a "UK [prior / priority] country". He said his government would use all of [that / its] efforts to bring peace. Yemen is one of the world's the [least / last] developed countries. The United Nations reports that Yemen is the country with the most people [in / on] need of humanitarian aid. There are about 24 million people [in / to] need of help. This is about 85 per cent [at / of] its population. It [rankings / ranks] second worst in the Global Hunger Index.

There could be a [catastrophe / catastrophic] humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Millions of people are [struggling / struggle] to find food to eat. There is now the [treat / threat] of a famine that would [deep / deepen] the crisis. The civil war has left hospitals [on / in] ruins. Jan Egeland from the Norwegian Refugee Council said: "We are [seen / seeing] a relentless countdown to a possible famine that the world hasn't seen since Ethiopia [in / on] the 1980s." The United Nations said: "More than 50,000 Yemenis are [already / ready] starving to death and 16 million will [go / come] hungry this year." It added that the UK cut in aid from $280 million last year to $120 million this year would be "tragic". The UK's Guardian newspaper said: "Yemenis aren't starving, they are being [starvation / starved] ."

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