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The words
Have you ever [wandered / wondered] what animal has the biggest ears? Of [course / coarse] , it's the African elephant. We all know this. Scientists know this. However, scientists have looked at what animal has the biggest ears [to / for] its body size. The elephant has big ears [that / but] it also has a giant body. Zoologists from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City have [founded / found] out which animal has the biggest ears [relation / relative] to its body size. And the [solution / answer] is... the long-eared jerboa. Not many people know about this cute, big-eared [creative / creature] . It is a rodent. It lives in the [deserts / desserts] of China and Mongolia. It is a nocturnal creature, which means it is active at night and sleeps during the [day / night] .

Zoologist Mary Ellen Holden described the jerboa. She said [they / its] body measures about 10 centimetres ([not / so] counting its long tail). Its ears are 3.8 to 5 cm long. This means its ears are 40 to 50 per cent as [length / long] as its body length. The elephant's ears are [adjust / just] 17 per cent of its body length. Professor Holden said: "The jerboa has the longest ears for the size of its body in the [entire / entirely] animal kingdom." Professor Holden explained [why / what] some animals have [largely / large] ears. They usually live in very hot areas. Large ears help an animal to keep cool in the [heater / heat] . Their ears are large, thin and have many [tinny / tiny] blood vessels. The blood releases heat from the body into the air, which helps the animal cool [up / down] .

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