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Amid the [constantly / constant] stream of bad news that fills our screens, a heartwarming tale comes from a hospital in Oklahoma, USA. A puppy born with [severe / sever] abnormalities has survived its first week, and doctors are optimistic that she will live [the / a] healthy life. Skipper the puppy is a cross-breed - she is a border collie and Australian shepherd [mix / amalgam] . She was one of a [latter / litter] of nine puppies. While her brothers and sisters came [in / out] "normal," Skipper was born with six legs and two [tales / tails] . These are her most [visible / visibly] congenital conditions. She has others, including two pelvic [regions / regional] , two lower urinary tracts and two reproductive regions. Her vet said that despite Skipper's [ill / condition] , her organs are working "just fine".

Vets have called Skipper's [living / survival] a "miracle". The Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma, where she was [childbirth / born] , wrote: "She has survived longer than we [respect / suspect] any other canine has....Published research does not [indicate / duplicate] one that has been born alive...with her combination [of / at] congenital conditions." It added: "Skipper is a strong girl She is able to [scoot / snooty] around just like a regular puppy." Neel added: "We think that she may have some things to [undone / overcome] , but she is determined right now and [thriving / thrifty] ." The miracle puppy has her own Facebook page. It says: "She is currently at the correct weight for her age and accomplishing all of her [landmarks / milestones] . She is following a [path / highway] to a happy and healthy life."

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