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Denmark has come up with a practical idea to help its clean energy [needy / needs] . The Scandinavian nation [portends / intends] to build an artificial island 80km off its western coast in the North Sea. It is expected to be in [full / fully] operation by 2033. It hopes the ambitious project will end Denmark's [reliance / rely] on fossil fuels within the next three [decadence / decades] . Denmark is currently Europe's largest oil-producing country, [such / so] a move towards 100 per cent clean energy and the [end / ends] of oil production will provide a huge [boast / boost] for its green credentials. Jacob Ostergaard, a professor of electric power and energy, [ascribed / described] the project as, "a cornerstone in the green transition which will help facilitate the [induction / reduction] of Danish CO2 emissions".

The island will be [roughly / rough] the size of 18 football fields. It is projected to cost around $34 billion to [destruct / construct] . Much of the energy generated will come from [wind / windy] farms. These will produce enough electricity to [powerful / power] three million households in Denmark and help make the country carbon [neutrality / neutral] . The professor explained that the island had enormous [potentially / potential] to create a greener, cleaner Europe. He said: "In the North Sea, we have tremendous potential for [offshore / shore] wind, about 180 giga-watts in [total / totally] . That means we can actually shut down all European coal-fired power [plants / planes] ." Professor Ostergaard added: "It's a Danish initiative, but this, at [lest / least] with time, is going to be an international effort."

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