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The torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics is finally [over / under] way. The 2020 Summer Games were postponed due [at / to] the coronavirus pandemic but organizers have been determined to [reassure / ensure] they go ahead in July. Members of the Japan women's football team ran as torchbearers in the first [leg / arm] of the relay on Thursday. It began in Fukushima Prefecture, which was [devastating / devastated] by the triple disasters of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear [meltdown / melting] . The relay torch is made of aluminium recycled from prefabricated housing [building / built] for survivors of the triple calamity. Fukushima was [chosen / chasten] as the start of the relay to [show / view] the area has recovered, although many people say claims of recovery are a little [premature / prematurely] .

The head of Japan's Olympic organizing committee, Seiko Hashimoto, [opened / unveiled] the torch relay ceremony. She said in her opening [address / number] : "The flame will [embark / disembark] on a 121-day journey and will carry the hopes of the Japanese people and wishes for peace." Japanese people are [being / been] encouraged to look at live broadcasts of the relay and [retrain / refrain] from travelling to watch it [middling / amid] fears of a spike in COVID 19 cases. Spectators must wear face masks, and are being [purged / urged] to clap rather than cheer. Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga reiterated his commitment to [state / stage] a "safe and secure" Olympics in [spite / spate] of the pandemic. He said: "We will do our [most / utmost] on coronavirus measures."

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