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The words
Cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan have [blooming / bloomed] at their earliest date in 600 years. Researchers from Osaka University say blossoms in the city of Kyoto [poked / peaked] on the 26th of March. The [previous / previously] record for Kyoto was set in 1409, when the season reached its [peak / pack] on the 27th of March. Data on cherry blossoms blooming in Kyoto [come / go] back 1,200 years. As far back as the year 812, officials at Japan's imperial [judge / court] in Kyoto wrote details on the blooms in documents and [diary / diaries] . Japan experienced much warmer weather in the first few months of this year. Meteorologists say this [is / be] because of climate change. They say many plants are flowering and blossoming earlier [that / than] normal because of [global / globally] warming.

Cherry blossoms are an [important / importance] part of Japanese culture. People keep a close [eye / see] on the news of blossoming times from [forecasts / forecast] made by the Japanese Meteorological Agency. The blossoms are called "sakura" in Japan. Many people plan [falls / trips] to famous cherry blossom areas and spend hours [doing / having] picnics under the sakura. The cherry blossoms also provide Japan [for / with] an important economic [boast / boost] each spring. People come from all over the world to view them. Japan's Mainichi newspaper explained the importance of sakura. It wrote: "Sakura has [deeply / deep] influenced Japanese culture for centuries. It has regularly been used in [poetry / poem] and literature. Their fragility is seen [has / as] a symbol of life, death and rebirth."

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