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Talks between Iran and the USA to [relive / revive] the 2015 Iran nuclear deal are set to resume. At this early [state / stage] , the discussions will be indirect and there will be [not / no] face-to-face meetings between high-level officials. The discussions will [take / give] place in Vienna and European officials will act [was / as] intermediaries. On the table is the revival of the 2015 [pact / packed] under which economic sanctions on Iran were eased in return for [kerbs/ curbs] on Iran's nuclear program. This pact was [intention / intended] to make it harder for Iran to develop nuclear weapons and was abandoned by Donald Trump [under / below] his administration. Officials in Tehran have always denied they have had any intentions to develop [so / such] weapons.

Negotiators on [both / either] sides say the talks will be difficult and [either / neither] side foresees any early breakthroughs. US President Joe Biden is [keen / keenly] to re-engage with Iran and revive the nuclear deal. He hopes Iran will resume its [competence / compliance] with the 2015 deal. US negotiator Robert Malley said: "The primary issues to be discussed are [actually / actual] quite simple. They are, on the one [palm / hand] , the nuclear steps that Iran would need to take to return to compliance with the 2015 nuclear [record / accord] , and on the other hand, the sanctions-relief steps [what / that] the United States would need to take." Iran said it is ready [for / to] "reverse its remedial measures, which were taken because of the opposite side's violation [at / of] the treaty."

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