Word Pairs


  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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The words
A university in England has said students will not [losing / lose] marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. Hull University said that [requiring / require] English with no mistakes is "elitist". It said [much / such] a requirement could be seen [has / as] "homogenous, North European, white, male, and elite". [Officials / Official] at the university said insisting on a high proficiency [on / in] written English discriminated against ethnic minorities and students who went to schools where average grades were [small / low] . The university said it wants to make writing and tests "more inclusive". It wants teachers to be [more / many] flexible when they mark and grade students' writing. It hopes to [reduction / reduce] the number of poorer students who drop [out / in] from university.

The university said many students suffer [to / at] school and in life because their written English [contains / contents] mistakes. This includes students with dyslexia. This is a learning [order / disorder] that affects language. People with dyslexia have [difficult / difficulty] in relating to letters and words. This means it is harder for dyslexics [to / for] produce writing free of mistakes. Dyslexia affects areas of the [brain / brainy] that process language. The university also said that requiring well-written English could discourage students for [what / whom] English is a second language from [going / gone] to university. Teachers at another university have been [tell / told] it is fairer to judge students on their ideas and knowledge of a [subject / object] and not their spelling and grammar.

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